• 2 Ways To Dispose Of Compressed Gas Tanks

    Tanks or cylinders of compressed gas get used in all kinds of places, but disposing of that tank or cylinder is a whole other issue. Whether it's a small canister of propane that you took camping with you, a can of compressed air, or a canister of compressed gas that you used for welding, you need to make sure that you are handling it correctly when you are disposing of it.
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  • Drove By A Landfill And Shocked At The Size? 2 Tips To Recycle Your Things

    Approximately 782,000 tons of garbage is thrown away each day. This equals out to around 254 millions tons of garbage each year. Much of this garbage finds its way into one of the many landfills in the United States. Fortunately, you can do your part by recycling instead of throwing all your garbage away. Below are two tips on how you can do this. Set up Recycling at Home First, you need to determine where you want to put the recycling center in your home.
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