Computer Recycling Services? What To Know When Recycling Your Computer

Posted on: 14 October 2022

Computers have quickly woven their way into nearly every home and business in the nation. In most families today, even elderly grandparents are likely to use a computer in their home and may even carry a smartphone in their purse or pocket. Each younger family member is likely to own multiple computers, including laptops, tablets, smartphones, and gaming systems. With this level of computer activity, it is no surprise that computer recycling services are needed to help keep millions of discarded computers from ending up in landfills. 

Privacy concerns

In households where castoff computers and smartphones are routinely stuffed in a closet instead of sending them out to be recycled, the cause is often related to concerns about potential problems with private information. Privacy concerns are a valid concern because most people use computers and smartphones to send private correspondence and access financial information on a daily basis. Understanding how to prepare your computer equipment for recycling can help resolve these concerns about privacy. 

Computers and laptops

Most laptops and computer systems typically have a menu option that will essentially wipe the memory of the machine and restore it to its original factory settings. Before utilizing this option, computer owners will want to remove or transfer all files, photos, and other info so that it will not be erased. Removing the hard drive from the case of the machine is also necessary to completely remove private information. Once removed, the hard drive can be stored or destroyed, depending on the wishes of the computer owner.

Tablets and smartphones

Tablets, like larger laptops and computers, must be properly cleaned to ensure that sensitive information is not left on them when they are sent to the recycling service. After canceling any subscriptions linked to the tablet, and backing up any files that should be saved, it is a good idea to use the tablet's settings to restore it to its original, factory settings. 

Smartphones, like tablets, will also need to have the subscriptions canceled and files removed before using the factory restore or wipe setting to return it to its original condition. If the smartphone or tablet has a memory card, it will also need to be removed before recycling.

Selling or donating

If any of the laptops, computers, smartphones, or tablets are in working order, some computer recycling services may offer to purchase them. They may also accept donations of working computer equipment for local charities that work with needy families in the area. 

To learn more about recycling your old computer systems, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, contact a computer recycling service in your area.