Reasons You Should Recycle Your Air Conditioner

Posted on: 9 June 2021

When your AC finally breaks down after years of service, the time may have come to dispose of the unit. However, you may not be sure of how to dispose of the old unit. If that's the case, consider air conditioner recycling, which is beneficial in numerous ways. Here are the reasons you should recycle your air conditioner.

Environmental Safety

Typically, your AC contains Freon, a gas that cools the air that enters the cooling system. When you dispose of your AC unit carelessly, Freon may leak and enter the atmosphere. Freon is among the gases that contribute to the destruction of the ozone, leading to global warming. By handing your AC over to recycling experts, you reduce the risk of releasing Freon into the environment. That's because manufacturers usually reuse the Freon or dispose of the gas correctly.

Additionally, remember that AC systems have metallic parts and wiring that may end up in landfills. However, these parts don't decay and can cause environmental pollution. Therefore, consider air conditioner recycling if you want to safeguard the environment.

Environmental Conservation

Manufacturers use metal as a primary material when building air conditioners. And the more the demand for ACs, the more metal ore that miners need to extract. Additionally, processing of this natural ore requires energy from electricity or fossil fuels such as coal. With time, these natural resources can deplete. Fortunately, air conditioner recycling can help protect natural resources since manufacturers re-use old metal to create new units.


Disposing of your cooling unit independently can cause you to incur disposal costs. In contrast, air conditioner recycling can save you money. Typically, AC recycling companies don't charge you for handing over an AC to them. The air conditioner recycling companies may even offer you money for the scrap. If your AC has some parts that are in good condition, you can make some good money. You can use this money to help pay for a new cooling system.

Production of Affordable Goods

AC recycling professionals usually extract metal and plastics from old air conditioners. The experts then use these materials to make different products, such as copper cables used for wiring and pipes. Since recycling saves on production costs, companies sell the goods at affordable prices to remain competitive.

Air conditioner recycling can help you save or make money. Additionally, recycling can help protect the environment and conserve natural resources. If you want to dispose of your cooling system, consider giving the unit to AC recycling experts.

For more information, reach out to a business near you that provides air conditioning recycling .