Scrap Metal: How to Bring in Larger Hauls

Posted on: 8 December 2020

When it comes to taking in scrap metal to a scrap yard like Gutterman Iron & Metal Corp, the larger your hauls are, the more money you can potentially make. You don't want to go into the scrap yard with smaller amounts of metal because the gas, time, and effort put into taking your scrap to the junk yard won't be rewarded as much as a larger haul would. So, how do you bring in larger hauls to the scrap yard? It all lies in what you are taking in and where you're getting your scrap metal from. Scrap metal recycling goes way beyond junky old cars and unwanted appliances, it goes towards other types of scrap as well. Here are ways you can bring in larger hauls to the scrap yard so you maximize your potential profits.

Reach the Right Audience

Putting an ad in the local paper or in online forums that you'll take scrap vehicles and appliances is common enough that you might not be the only person doing this. The common approach to getting scrap metal for recycling is predictable, you advertise that you'll haul away someone's unwanted pieces of metal for free and then you go and take these things into the scrap yard for cash. While there are people out there who appreciate having someone like you to take their junk and do scrap metal recycling with it, you have competition. Reach a new audience, such as construction companies demolishing a building, schools throwing out old electronics, and hospitals throwing out single-use medical equipment to help you get more scrap metal for the scrap yard.

Branch out Your Metal Collecting

Nearly any type of metal can be used in scrap metal recycling, including both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Why stick to just aluminum and steel when you can branch out and also recycle copper, brass, and other metals that can bring in profit? When you tear down appliances and vehicles to separate metals, you put in more work but you can also make more money and have larger hauls to bring in. Follow the metal value market so you can determine which metals will be most worth it for you to collect for profit over time. As you continue scrap metal recycling, you'll see that all kinds of metal will bring you different profits, even if your hauls aren't always large.

Your local scrap yard will take all kinds of metal, so ask them what metals they pay the most for. From scrap vehicles to broken trash cans, your local scrap yard will welcome your bigger hauls and you'll appreciate the better profits as well.