Make Your Business Greener By Recycling

Posted on: 13 July 2016

There are many companies that are now attempting to go green. Going green helps to make a smaller carbon footprint in the world and helps to open the eyes of your employees and customers to the need to do whatever we can to create less refuse in the world. If you want your business to go green, use the guide below to learn a few tips to make the process a bit easier.

Place a Paper Recycling Bin by the Copier

The first thing you can do to increase the recycling that takes place in your business is to place a recycling bin for paper products next to the copy machine. If you own a business that requires employees to make numerous copies a day, there will be times when the wrong thing will be copied and the paper will need to be disposed of. Having a recycling bin directly next to the copier will ensure that people place the paper in the bin, rather than throwing it directly into the trash.

Add Plastic and Aluminum Recycling Bins to the Break Room

Next, you need to add a plastic and an aluminum recycling bin in the break room of your business to ensure that your employees can dispose of their soda cans and water bottles in an eco-friendly way. The bins will be able to hold a few days' worth of refuse so that you do not have to store the full bags somewhere until they can be picked up by the recycling company.

Add Bins Outside of the Business

You should also add recycling bins outside of your business for customers to use. This will lessen the amount of trash that is found in your parking lot and may help to make customers think about the way that they are disposing of their refuse, at the same time.

Establish a Schedule with a Garbage Disposal Company

Finally, you need to establish a schedule with a garbage disposal company to have the recycling picked up a few times per week. The cans that are being recycled can start to stink and attract bugs after a few days, so having the recycling collected every few days will cut down on the chances of it stinking or attracting bugs.

Once you have established a schedule with the recycling company, let your janitors know what days they need to take out the recycling. There will be a designated place where the recycling company will go to pick up the recycling so that the janitors do not have to wheel it all out to the edges of the parking lot or the street. For more information, contact companies like B-P Trucking Inc.