What You Can Do To Keep Pests From Making Your Garbage Their Daily Harvest

Posted on: 12 July 2016

Do you have plans to rent a dumpster? If so, you may or may not have considered that your rental could become a "hangout" or smorgasbord for rodents and other pests. There are a few things that you can do to help minimize pest activity. 

Routinely inspect rentals that will be used for an extended amount of time.

Perhaps you are renting a dumpster for your business or rental property. This means that you may require ongoing dumpster rental services. Some of the metal portions of dumpsters are prone to rusting, and the plastic portions may get broken over time. These holes can serve as entry points for pests. If you notice signs of wear on your dumpster, report it to the rental company. They will likely exchange the damaged dumpster and make repairs to it. 

Strategically position dumpsters in a manner that makes gaining access more difficult for pests.

If you allow your dumpster to sit too close to a wall or fence, pests can use those to climb and get into dumpsters. Position your dumpster a few inches or feet away from these structures. 

Try a humane approach to discourage pests from choosing your dumpster for their food and survival needs.

Beware of using chemicals in your dumpster to discourage pesky pests. These contaminants may enter the soil and collect in water run-off, which can contaminate your local water supply or negatively impact wildlife. Pests such as raccoons or mice likely will not find spicy food remnants appetizing. You can try sprinkling cayenne pepper into garbage bags and tying them up for extra protection. You might also want to consider having a motion-activated sprinkler system installed, which may startle pests and keep them away from the dumpster. 

Keep the dumpster area as clean as possible.

Food in the dumpster will attract pests, so try to find alternative ways to dispose of it. Keep in mind that food scraps are biodegradable, so you can use them to start composting soil. There may also be gardeners in your area who would be willing to use the scraps for their composting projects. Sweeping around your dumpster is a good way to keep trash off the ground that might attract pests. You should also consider using a water hose to routinely rinse the area around the dumpster. If you notice residue on the dumpster, rinse it away before it hardens. Don't allow water puddles to settle because pests such as cockroaches may be attracted to the moisture. Using a sidewalk brush to force water away from the dumpster can help reduce water waste left behind on hard surfaces.

A dumpster rental company is a good resource to use to determine more ways to curb pest activity. They may have additional options for you to use such as bungee tie cords to secure the lids on your rental, which can keep out large pests.