Pros And Cons Of Investing In Business Recycling Programs

Posted on: 5 July 2016

Deciding whether or not to invest in a business recycling program can be challenging because there are many pros and cons to this decision. Here are some things to consider about corporate recycling options. 

Environmental Impact

Helping to save the environment can be enough of a reason on its own to incorporate a recycling program. Besides cutting down on the amount of garbage in landfills, you can redirect some dollars to buying recyclable products since some of these products can be more energy efficient than their alternatives. 

Business Reputation

Putting resources into a recycling program can improve the reputation of your business, both with your employees and your customers. It can help to promote an ethical and responsible image for your company. But don't make the mistake of talking about the importance of sustainability without backing it up; your employees and clients will want to see some statistics about how much energy or waste you have actually saved. 

Maintenance Cost

Paying for a recycling service may not be all loss, either. While you'll have the added cost of recycling, you'll likely spend less on the costs of transporting waste. You can also shave money off of your corporate landfill tax by redirecting some of this waste to a recycling center. 

Startup Costs

Before you jump on board, note that there are several startup costs to consider when starting a recycling program. For one, research the cost of hiring a recycling service in your area. When you're looking for a recycling company, you need to find someone who offers convenience to business; they should be able to sort the recycling for you and pick up all of your materials on-site. These are services that can come at a premium. 

You'll also need to think about the cost of recycling infrastructure. You'll need recycling bins and potentially a new recycling area to be set aside. Some recycling companies will provide the recycling bins for you as long as you sign a service contract with them. If you have a large volume of recyclable material and want to arrange for it to be hauled independently, then renting roll off dumpsters is a cost-efficient option. 

There are also employee costs to consider. You'll need to set aside some company time to educate everyone on your new recycling policies. You may also want to revise your company's handbook to include language that stresses the importance of the new recycling program. And some companies like to invest in incentive programs that get employees excited about the new recycling options. While there are many benefits to starting a company-wide recycling program, it's also important to go into the process with eyes wide open about the initial costs.