Things To Consider When Cleaning Up A Trashed Property

Posted on: 28 June 2016

If you have purchased a piece of property that has been trashed, or if you are running a community organization that is cleaning up run-down pieces of property, here are a few things that you should keep in mind while clearing up the property.

Safety First

When dealing with unknown waste and junk that has been left behind at an abandoned property, you should always prioritize your safety. Wear boots or tennis shoes, so that you do not step on something and injure your feet. You should also protect your legs and arms by wearing long sleeves.

Since you will be dealing with unknown waste, it is also a good idea to wear thick gloves that allow you to pick up and move around objects while protecting your hands from being poked or cut by something sharp.

Analyze The Waste

Since you don't know what you are walking into when cleaning up an abandoned property that has been trashed, you should first take a walk and analyze what type of waste that you have.

After you have an idea of what type of waste is present, such up different areas for different types of waste. You should separate all items into things to recycle, things to donate, hazardous material and regular trash. 

Reuse Salvageable Material

If there are any items in the house that are salvageable, you have a few options for how to handle those materials. You can donate them to an organization that will come by and pick up the items; this can take some of the stress of dealing with these items out of your hands. If you feel like you can fix up the items, and want to invest the time, you can fix up the items and sell them. Or, if you like the items, you can fix them up and keep them for yourself.

Don't throw away items in the trash that are salvageable; that just creates unnecessary waste. 

Get Recycle Bins

If you have a lot of items to recycle, see if your trash provider can give you large recycle bins for this project or if you can rent a dumpster for the sole purpose of recycling.

Start With The Biggest Items First

When it comes to dealing with throwing away items, you should rent a dumpster to get rid of the things that are just straight up trash. When filling up the dumpster, you should put the largest items in first, and then fill the smaller trash items around the larger items. Do not overfill the dumpster; when it starts to reach the top, call your waste management company, have them remove the dumpster and give you a new one.

Hazardous Material

Contact your waste management company and find out how to dispose of any hazardous material that you find; disposal methods and access can vary greatly from one area to the next.

When removing waste from an abandoned and run-down property, first make sure that you are properly dressed to do the job, then sort through the waste and try to dispose of it as properly as you can.